Trail Construction Updates & Closures

READ the press Release marking the start of construction (PDF):


PLEASE do not enter any segment of the trail until further notice, even if it doesn't appear that any work is being done at the time.


The trail is under construction.  During this time, portions or all of the trail will be closed to all traffic while the trail is surfaced and road crossings are upgraded.


We hope to announce an opening date for the Trail soon.




























As of October 1: Installation of road crossing hardware and paving continues. Some additional utility-related work was required at the Haggerty Rd. and Pontiac Trail crossings. Asphalt paving will be complete this week.  Concrete ramps for the road crossings will be next.  Railing installation will take place this month. Please note that the entire trail is still closed until further notice. Please refrain from using the trail while work is being completed.


As of July 26: Paving continues. Please note that the entire trail is still closed until further notice. Work continues on grading and paving, as well as installation of road crossing hardware.  The last section to be paved will be the section between M-5 and Haggerty.


As of July 7: Paving is in process. Please note that the entire trail is still closed until further notice. There are several steps after paving to complete the trail, the biggest one being the road crossings that need to be installed at eight roadways where the trail crosses.  Additional steps include railings, ground/slope restoration, bollard installation and some final work on the M-5 pedestrian bridge.


As of June 6: Substantially, all of the trail is under construction at this time, with grading in process all the way to the M-5 Bridge. Therefore, the entire trail is closed until further notice. We want this process to go as smoothly as possible, and it is up to the trail users to respect the needs of the contractors and engineers as they perform their work.


As of May 25: Culvert replacement work is ongoing.  Grading is proceeding and trail build-up will start the week of May 27.  Again, please stay out of all areas under construction. Trail construction will proceed from West to East.


April 15: Silt fence installation is under way.


March 25: Trees impacting the construction have been removed, and areas of thick brush have been mowed.  ITC has also been out on the trail cutting down trees along their right-of way, mostly under the power lines that parallel the trail.